Sitting L. to R.

Dr. T. Debmallick
Dr. N. Bannerjee
Dr. A. K. Banerjee
Dr. H. S. Bhat
Dr. Miss A. Mukherjee
Dr. B. Mukherjee
Dr. M. M. Mukherji
Dr. S. P. Srivastava
Dr. C. S. Worah
Dr. H.K. Sarkar
Lt. Col. N.C. Chatterjee
Dr. M. Ahmed
Dr. S. Roy
Dr. A. Dasgupta
Dr. D. Sen
Dr. P. Chakraborti

Standing 1st Row L. to R.

Dr. D. K. Banerjee
Dr. B. Sen
Dr. B. Guha
Dr. S. Agarwalla
Dr. B. K. Chowdhuri
Dr. A. Datta
Dr. N. S. Dutta
Sr. A. K. Chakraborti
Dr. A. Bagchi
Dr. J. L. Sinha
Dr. B. Rakshit
Dr. J. K. Dandapat
Dr. J. K. Majumdar
Dr. U.S. Arora

Standing 2nd Row L. to R.

Dr. B. P. Maji
Dr. S. K. Mullick
Dr. S. L. Sarkar
Dr. K. Pal
Dr. K. K. Daw
Dr. R. Gupta
Dr. B. C. Bapna
Dr. D. Ghosh

The Society & its Heritage

Bengal Urological Society has a rich heritage background inherited from Urology Association, Calcutta. It was the Association of Surgeons of India from where a section of surgeons specialized in urology, formed Calcutta Urology Association in 1965. The first Chairman was Dr. K K Ghosh and first Secretary was Dr. Himadri Kumar Sarkar. Because of their relentless effort, Urology Association, Calcutta was formed and its first conference was held on 20 and 21 August 1965 along with the regional body of Association of Surgeons of India. In course of time, the association expanded to whole of Bengal and then Bengal Urological Society was formed in 2005. The society is registered vide Registration No. S/IL/33104 of 2005-2006 dated 23.11.2005 by Registrar of Society, Govt. of West Bengal.

Dr. Himadri Sarkar

Dr. C. S. Worah

Lt. Col. N.C. Chatterjee