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Bengal Urological Society was formed by eminent Urologists of West Bengal in 2005 for development of Urology practice. The society is registered vide Registration No. S/IL/33104 of 2005-06 dated 25.11.2005 by Registrar of Society, Govt. of West Bengal.
Prime mission of the society is to promote better quality of health of human being, share amongst the members the development of urology and educate the mass about maintenance of urological health and the precautionary measures required to be adhered to for a quality life....more

Event updates

Agenda will be held on 11th June 2024 at 8pm to 10pm.
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Backgrounds of the Society

Bengal Urological Society has heritage background inherited from Urology Association, Calcutta. It was the Association of Surgeons of India from where few surgeons specialized in urology, formed Calcutta Urology Association in 1965. The first Chairman was Dr. K K Ghosh and first Secretary was Dr. Himadri Kumar Sarkar. Because of their relentless effort, Urology Association grew further. The Association expanded to whole of Bengal and Bengal Urological Society was formed in 2005. Click for details

Books published by the Society

Few of the Surgeons specialised in Urology who were also members of Association of Surgeons of India, formed Urology Association, Calcutta (the predecessor of Bengal Urological Society) conducted its first conference on 20 and 21 August, 1965. On this eve, a book was published during the first conference of Calcutta Urology Association, which hosted the Regional Urology Meeting (1965). Specialized surgeons presented their papers on Urology. Click for the book

Feedback from members only

Purpose of this section is to archive all invaluable papers submitted and discussed during the Clinical conferences. This will enrich the knowledge bank of Bengal Urological Society in terms of archiving facts on Urology. Next information will be the papers read during clinical conference to be held on 15 October, 2017 at Peerless Inn....more

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