President's Message

Dear members of Bengal Urology Society

I express thanks and gratitude to you all for giving me the opportunity to serve you and the society as the President, Bengal Urology Society (BUS), for this term. I hope I will be able to justify your faith and deliver my duties to honor your trust.

Myself, along with the new Secretary, Dr. Bibhas. R. Kundu, BUS, Vice-president, Prof. Animesh Das, BUS, Treasurer, Dr. Sunirmal Chowdhury, BUS, and the Council members of BUS will surely try our best to fulfill our task and carry forward the prestigious flag of BUS, with your valuable suggestions and guidance that will be sort from time to time.

Our society with it's great heritage of our teachers and pioneers in the field of Urology in Bengal, who struggled a lot to establish and develop it in the past demands our utmost care to nurture it's all round development further. This will only be possible if you all offer your sincerest help and involvement towards achieving this. I appeal to all the members of BUS for such involvement.

The details of some of the future efforts have been discussed in the last annual meeting of BUS to some extent. Further suggestions are earnestly requested. These will be discussed in our future meetings with constructive criticism. Let us all vow to serve the suffering people, delivering urological service in the most scientific and ethical way, which in itself will protect us from unpleasant situations to a great magnitude and BUS will stand genuinely to support it's members in times of need.

With warm greetings and regards,

Sudip. C. Chakraborty

Dr. Sudip C Chakraborty, President, BUS